Manager of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

As the Manager, Employee Relations, Human Rights and Diversity, you will collaborate with organizational stakeholders to develop and hone a strategy for the development and execution of related ED & I programs to drive required culture, behavioral and systemic changes in the organization. You are skilled in conducting workplace investigations and creating equitable and inclusive workplace policies. Interpersonally, you are a person who can bring people to the table and create a safe space for open, insightful dialogue that propels our diversity, inclusion and equity work forward.
The Manager, Employee Relations, Human Rights and Diversity is responsible for creating and implementing tools to report on outcomes related to diversity and inclusion priorities for our organization. In this new role, you will review, recommend and support implementation of changes to internal HR processes that promote diversity and inclusion for all employees and in the key focus areas of employee relations, workplace policies and training and development.
Your expertise in diversity and inclusion with a focus on Anti-Black racism coupled with a strong knowledge of employment equity principles will assist in realizing its existing diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as introducing new ideas for future strategies.
The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Manager will partner with the Equity Advocate to develop, review and implement initiatives, develop communications, monitor and report on progress to all stakeholders. The incumbent will foster relationships with internal and external stakeholders, provide guidance and expertise in promoting a positive working and learning culture that values diversity and fosters equity, fairness, respect, cross- cultural understanding and inclusion.

This role will have a reporting relationship to the Associate Director, Human Resources and Volunteering and part of the Human Resources Team.
• In collaboration with the Associate Director, Human Resources, respond and investigate bias related incidents, and make strategic and proactive recommendations based on outcomes
• Be a subject matter expert on Human Rights and the intersections with Human Resources activities
• Lead the Policy Review Committee. Identify the need for, develop and implement policies and guidelines that will bring best practices into the Agency. Review all current HR Policies and ensure they are equitable and inclusive
• Conduct audits of related policies, programs, procedures and processes to identify systemic bias, and/or other potential areas of focus
• Design and implement ED & I metrics, monitoring and reporting systems, and identify risks and mitigation strategies.
• Support the development and implementation of inclusion and diversity strategy and associated action plans, including resources, tools and actions to advance diversity related goals within the Agency’s strategic planning.
• Facilitate integration of inclusion and diversity practices into all existing practices including recruiting, hiring, learning and development, employee relation and succession planning strategies.
• Advise on the internal communication strategy in relation to inclusion and diversity
• Participate in the internal inclusion and diversity committee, attend meetings and events as appropriate.
• Build external relationships with key organizations and participate in external diversity conferences as appropriate.
• Recommend, develop and delivery necessary training as part of an annual organization wide training strategy in collaboration with the Equity Advocate
• In partnership with the organizations Committees, spearhead efforts to celebrate and promote identity, heritage, and cultural awareness.
• Lead compliance/implementation on AODA requirements.
• Coordinate corporate-driven requirements for AODA required training, AODA required policy. development, AODA compliance monitoring and statutory reporting to the Ontario Accessibility Directorate.
Qualification, Experience:
• A minimum of 5 years in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion roles with increasing scope and responsibilities for developing and leading diversity strategies.
• A minimum of 5 years of experience conducting investigations workplace investigations (preferably with a trauma informed lens and restorative justice frameworks)
• University degree required or equivalent, advanced degree preferred
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in leadership, project and change management and policy / program development
• Excellent time management skills to handle competing deadlines and priorities with high attention to detail.
• Involvement in innovation and professional development related to Anti-Black racism and leadership.
• Ability to assess barriers to access and inclusion within policies, procedures and understand rights and responsibilities in reference to relevant policies and legislation (e.g. AODA, Human Rights Code).
• Strong collaboration and teamwork skills, including demonstrated ability to interact, lead and participate in consultative decision making that respects people with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and styles, while working collegially with a high degree of tact and diplomacy.
• Advanced communication skills, interpersonal, virtual and in person group facilitation and coordination, workshop creation and delivery.
• Advanced writing and presentation skills.
Hybrid Remote Work: The incumbent will be working a minimum of two days onsite and should have the ability to be onsite when needed outside of the scheduled on-site days. During the onboarding period, the incumbent can expect to be on site more often.