About our Principal Recruiter

Mahalia is known for delivering results and has an equity minded approach to the recruitment process. In addition to recruitment expertise, she has a passion for workplace wellness and consulting clients on their HR policies and procedures through an EDI lens. This translates to respectful relationships with everyone Mahalia works with.

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Using merit based search methods we conduct detailed intake interviews to develop an understanding of who our candidates are beyond their resume. This approach ensures we know the professionals we represent and can present who is right for your job based on this knowledge.


Our in house HR consultancy delivers customized retention strategies, employee engagement projects and succession planning specific to your workplace. We understand that life events, internal communications and shifts in business needs can affect your workforce. The methods we utilize have resulted in raising employee satisfaction and companies gaining reputations as great places to work.


Our team is approachable, intuitive and results driven. With over 10 years of recruitment experience we have been doing this too long to make mistakes. Our tenure translates to tenure with the staff you find with us.

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