Client Testimonial

I was at a crossroads in my career and decided to reach out to Mahalia, through a word-of-mouth recommendation. Taking this step has since proven to be the single most, pivotal moment in my professional life. From the outset, Mahalia provided professional, actionable feedback on my CV, coached me on my career development and the interview process--and frankly, encouraged me to aim higher regarding salary expectations and corporate culture

Her multi-faceted approach to placements balances each individual's needs with those of the company. She worked tirelessly--but not to get me a role. To get me the right role. She provided a human touch that as a BIPOC--I hadn't found elsewhere, and I'm proud to provide this endorsement of her services. 100% recommend to anyone interested in furthering their career development, (or looking to get the right candidate into their Zoom office)!

Allison W

I found Mahalia to be extremely helpful in my job search by connecting me to high profile companies that matched my career goals .

Melissa B

Mahalia is one of the best recruiters I have dealt with in my 20 year career in the Credit Industry. She is very personable and engaging in the hiring process. Mahalia is quick in returning calls and there was never a communication breakdown. I have recommended many former co-workers to Mahalia and they agreed that it was the best recruiter experience dealing with Mahalia and her professionalism.

Karim B